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Cracking the Code
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 Resume Resources:
Resume Tips,
Q&A's, samples,
workbooks, articles,
software, and electronic

 Interviewing: Advice, tips,
articles, books, scenarios,
questions, communication,
planning, etiquette, do's &

 Salary Surveys: calculators,
market trends, industry
analysis, demographics,
negotiation tips &
strategies, and cost of
living indexes.

 Research Aids: Research
businesses in the US and

 News Wire Services: News on
potential employers,
industries, layoffs.

 Networking: Tips, articles,
do's & don'ts, and guides.

 Executive Recruiters & Placement Agencies:
Recruiters in North America
by job type, industry, salary
level, and region.




Resume and Cover Letter Services Available

Pride in Personnel, Inc. is part of the Pride in Personnel, Inc., network of online resources for jobseekers.  Established in 1990, Pride in Personnel, Inc., has rapidly become one of the leading professional and technical search firms in Canada. Based in and servicing primarily Ontario, Pride in Personnel, Inc., represents leading firms in search for talent in Engineering, Manufacturing, Technical Sales, Marketing, Operations, Quality, Healthcare/ Post-secondary, Human Resources and Research & Development. The success of Pride in Personnel has spanned a number of industries from Automotive, Automation Technology, Biotechnology, Data/Telecommunications, Fluid Dynamics, Pharmaceuticals, Public/Not-for-profit sectors ... among others.  Visit Pride in Personnel, Inc. today!


"Work is not man's punishment.  It is his reward and his
strength, his glory and his pleasure."
-- George Sand


Resume Services
Resume Help | Resume Writing Services | How to Write has partnered with Resume to Referral to offer an eclectic group of resume, cover letter, interviewing, and career marketing services to help you become more marketable to hiring managers, staffing agencies, recruiters, and so on.  Placing you with one of our clients will be much easier if you possess a top-quality resume and cover letter portfolio.  Services offered include a free resume evaluation, resume writing services, and an array of career marketing services.

  • RESUME EVALUATION There may be nothing wrong with your resume, but how do you know for sure?  Don't accept mediocre or nil results from your career marketing material.  Submit your resume for a free resume critique/evaluation. Let one of our experts outline the problems present within your resume.

  • RESUME SERVICES Whether you're an entry-level or seasoned professional, a quality resume will do the trick in setting you apart from your "competition."  Possessing a quality written resume can make a huge difference relevant to your marketability within your industry and target position.  Transform your job search with our quality resume and cover letter writing services. Get a great resume with our help.


Career Q&A's

Not knowing how to handle certain career dilemmas can add obstacles to your career plans.  Our careerist offers straightforward advice on handling common and unusual career challenges.


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